04 Sep 2019

1. Click HERE to login to your NGE account. If you are yet to register on, click HERE for correct steps to take to register successfully. There is no maximum limit to the amount you can sell on whether you are verified or not.

2. When you are logged in, click on ...

04 Sep 2019

1. Click HERE to go to

2. When you get there, click on Sign Up

3. Fill correct first and last names as written in your bank account and BVN details. False information will NOT be 


4. Use a strong password with a combination of letters and numbers. Please, do not use same password used for ...

01 Sep 2019

1. Make sure you have registered on and have activated your email address. If you have not, click HERE to see how to register on

2. Complete your NGE user account profile and verify your GSM number on our site. With these measures, you can buy with Naira from $10 to $200 per day. You do not need document verification for such amount. But if you need more than $200, then upload valid government issued ID ... read more

29 Aug 2019

We just opened today for business by moving from our old domain to

Below is Important Information to note.

You CANNOT exchange Naira to PM, BTC or any other Ecurrencies without:

1. When you register, you need to check your email inbox or spam folder to activation link. You must activate your email.

2. You must UPDATE your Member Profile with correct Contact Details in Full.

3. You must verify your phone number. ... read more

30 Jul 2019

We are excited to announce that our new site in a new and shorter domain is about to take-off in few days.

Just hold on for a new and refreshing site.