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BitcoinBitcoin 1810 N1590
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money N1790 N1550
USDT (TRC20)USDT (TRC20) N1810 N1600
EthereumEthereum N1900 N1550
Paypal PayPal N1900 N000
Skrill Skrill N1950 N000
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Welcome to the New Nigeria Gold Exchange is the shorter site URL created for our old but trusted, fast and wholesale Ecurrency and Crypto-currency exchange site called We started from the bedroom of an Internet Marketer: Mr. Kenneth Nwankwo in Enugu, Enugu State since December, 2009 reliably serving thousands of clients till date.

We have been through ups and down in this business especially, when Liberty Reserve was permanently down in 2013 and our site went offline due to host/software developers going offline for a period of 1 year. However, in all we came back stronger and well equiped to serve our numerous clients needs/wants effectively.

We are now in Port Harcourt precisely Artillery since 2013 and the business has grown widely and better since then. We would love to serve your needs, why not pitch your tent with us?

For Enquiries, Contact:

  •     08157727235  |  08163292983
  •   9am to 5pm

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We have been in the exchange business, serving our esteemed customers, since year 2009.



We serve over 4,905 happy customers and counting since we started our new website.



Over 713 real and positive customer reviews have been left for our exceptional services.



We completed over 10,842 real exchange transactions on our new website.
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Our Reserves

Tether/USDT 109595.2456 USD
Skrill 7387.7519 USD
Perfect Money 809969.5174 USD
Paypal 1281.0647 USD
Ethereum 230091.9999 USD
Bitcoin 1087453.3727 USD
Naira 393068584.0793 NGN

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Total Sent

Total Received

Naira NGN  
  Perfect Money USD
3647302.25 NGN 2355.85 USD   Exchange
Perfect Money USD  
  Naira NGN
1195.81 USD 1726695.00 NGN   Exchange
Bitcoin USD  
  Naira NGN
205.00 USD 362850.00 NGN   Exchange
Naira NGN  
  Tether/USDT USD
317040.00 NGN 210.00 USD   Exchange
Tether/USDT USD  
  Naira NGN
2050.89 USD 2931754.90 NGN   Exchange
Naira NGN  
  Paypal USD
80600.00 NGN 52.00 USD   Exchange

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