04 September 2019

How To Sell Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Tether, Ethereum & Other Ecurrencies/Cryptos To Get Paid In Naira

1. Click HERE to login to your NGE account. If you are yet to register on, click HERE for correct steps to take to register successfully. There is no maximum limit to the amount you can sell on whether you are verified or not.

2. When you are logged in, click on Exchange.

3. Let's say you want to sell $10,000 worth of Bitcoin on Under Send, select Bitcoin and under Receive, select Naira and click on Exchange.

4. On the next page, you will see Amount Send, type the amount you want to sell. In this case, we will type 10000 in the box and the equivalent in Naira will automatically appear under Amount Receive.

5. Then, click Next Step.

6. You will see Your Naira Account in the next page. Fill in your Personal Naira bank details this way: Bank Name, Your Account Number in the names you used to register on NGE. For example, if your Bank Name is Access Bank and your Account Number is 0000000001, use it this way: Access Bank, 0000000001. After, click on Next Step.

7. Then, make transfer with the info you will see, make a copy of your transfer, upload and click on Confirm.

8. Then, logout.

9. When confirmed, we will pay into the Personal Naira bank details provided within 24hrs.

Click HERE in case you would like to Buy Bitcoin, Perfect Money & Other Ecurrencies/Cryptos with Naira.


NGE Team.

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