05 May 2020

How To Verify on NGE With Documents!

If you want to verify your NGE account so that you can buy ecurrencies and cryptos from $200 and above, do the following to get your account verified fully.

1. Scan the front and back of your non-expired government issued ID... example,  driver's license, international passport, the new national ID card, permanent voter's card. The 4 edges of the ID MUST be visible and clear .

2. Go to your bank, get a two page statement. It must be duly signed and stamped by the bank. Not more than 3 months old. Now, because of COVID-19, you can download the bank statement from your internet bank in PDF format and forward to us. This MUST be your Personal Bank Account(s) that you will be using it to pay us when buying or we pay you when selling. No third-party payment whatsoever. It MUST the names you regsitered with us on NGE.

3.Get a white sheet of paper. Write your full names, the day's date and Verification. For example, if your names are Ifeanyi Abubakar Oluwale and today's date is 5th May, 2020, it will look like this:

Ifeanyi Abubakar Oluwale 
05/05/2020 Verification

Hold it on your right hand and your government issued ID on your left hand and take a clear snapshot of you holding them. Both you and the documents you are holding must be clean, smart, visible and clear. Send a copy of all documents requested as email attachment to:

NOTE: Verification of documents takes from 1 to 2 weeks. Thanks

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