05 May 2020

How To Complete Your NGE Profile.

1. Go to and click on Log In.

2. Inside the User's Area, look for Edit Profile and click on it. If you are using mobile to browse, first go to My Account and click on Edit Profile.

3. Fill in your correct and verifiable contact address. You can get the Zip or Postal code of your area from Make sure there is no box left open or vacant. Fill all with verifiable details as we may request for additional info like BVN to cross-check. 

For example, if your verifiable address is 37, Ebeano Avenue, Rukpokwu, Port Harcourt, Rivers State (this is an example and not a real address). You should add it this way using below format:

Address Line 1: 37, Ebeano Avenue
Address Line 2: Rukpokwu
City: Port Harcourt
State/Province: Rivers State
Zip code: Click on to get codes for your area
Country: Select Nigeria if you are a Nigerian

That helps to make sure no space or box in the Edit Profile area is left open.

4. Don't touch the phone number except your did not use the correct format.

5. Then, scroll down and click on Update.

If done properly, you can login and place a buy order (from $10 to $199 for non-verified NGE members) or sell order (from $30 to $50,000 for non-verified NGE members).

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