Virtual VISA Card

As a Nigerian, you can see that banks through CBN memo no longer allow Nigerians to pay with their Naira VISA or MasterCards.

Do you ever want to make payment online with your local bank card but got rejected or payment declined?

If yes, then search no further because we are here to help you.

Since 2009, we have been selling working Virtual VISA or MasterCard (VCC) to tens of thousands of people all over the world.

We sell Virtual (Not Plastic) Debit Cards (Visa or MasterCard) that can be used to ONLY make payments online, do online account verifications like PayPal and over the phone purchases. Our VCC cards are not meant for withdrawal of funds. They are not plastic and we cannot give screenshot of card details in any case.

Our VCC are either from USA or European banks depending on your needs. The USA Bank VCC is Address Verification Systems (AVS VISA cards) enabled and can only be used with a USA billing details (mostly USA billing address) you provided.

However, the UAE (Dubai) or European Bank VCC is Non-AVS. It allows you use any billing details provided the IP or internet network matches the country in the billing address. For example, if you are paying from a Nigerian network namely: MTN, Glo, you must use Nigerian billing address for the payment to go through.

Please, note that ONLY our European VCC does WORK on FACEBOOK ads, but may not work on Bing Ads, Amazon for now. But it works on other sites including Google Ads for Nigerians (European bank VCC), most dating sites, 2Checkout, PayPal, Hostgator, Namecheap, Alibaba, Aweber, Getresponse, etc.

Very Important: We accept VCC payments on through Naira bank payment, Perfect Money, USDT (TRC20) and Bitcoin.  Also, before you make payment for VCC (necessary ONLY for USA Bank or AVS VCC), either call or email or WhatsApp us to find out if the AVS card value is available.

Below is the table for our VCC card values and their cost.

Card Value

Cost (Naira)

Cost (Perfect Money & USDT)

Cost (Bitcoin)


$5 VCC




$10 VCC




$20 VCC




$25 VCC




$50 VCC




$100 VCC




$200 VCC




$350 VCC (Available in Non-AVS only)




$500 VCC




$1000 VCC





To make payment and notify us, do CLICK HERE.

VCC Policies:

1. Once we deliver your card details, it’s final and we cannot REFUND you. We can only give you some advice on what to do or not do.

2. If you ordered for USA Bank or AVS VCC, you must provide us the exact names and billing address (mostly USA address) to register card before delivery.

3. No negotiation on the prices above.

4. Our VCCs are not re-loadable. Buy and use all funds. When in need for more online payments, buy again.

5. When we receive fully confirmation of your payment, we will deliver your card details within 1 business day.

6. If you change your mind before we deliver your card and request for a refund for a fault not ours, we will charge you 10% Admin fee and refund the rest.

7. More so, if No. 6 occurs, we will refund to the bank account details bearing exact names as seen in payment details made by you.

8. We ONLY send Visa Card or MasterCard No, CVV No, Exp Date and/or Amount in Card.